Our Philosophy

Colonial Residence is managed by Stillwaters Foundation, a non-profit division of Stillwaters Estates. While it is not a religious institution, it operates based on Christian principles, and it is anticipated that both the Residence and its employees will align their conduct with this philosophy.

Colonial Residence is dedicated to caring for individuals who share the common experience of growing frailty within the context of a longer life expectancy. Our elderly residents often face the ongoing challenges of disability, illness, and a potential decline in self-esteem as they cope with the loss of certain capabilities. Aging entails relinquishing aspects of independence, the ability to manage personal affairs, and grappling with physical and intellectual limitations, which can sometimes result in negative emotions like defensiveness, concealed anger, self-depreciation, and depression, particularly in the later stages of life.

Western culture exacerbates this challenge by failing to provide the respect and recognition that our elders rightfully deserve. Our society often values youth, beauty, and active contributions to the workforce, leaving many elderly individuals feeling isolated, anxious, and fatigued. Some may even perceive themselves as burdens on younger generations. In contrast, Asian cultures associate aging with increasing esteem, making the task of caring for the elderly considerably easier. Given the rising number of people entering the elderly demographic, there is an urgent need for innovative solutions to meet their evolving requirements.

Colonial Residence is dedicated to innovation in addressing these challenges, with a primary focus on treating each resident with unwavering dignity and respect. Our approach prioritizes courteous communication as a manifestation of our deep respect for our residents. We place great importance on carefully listening to our senior residents, as it conveys a genuine sense of care and underscores their significance in our community.

“But now abides faith, hope, love, but the greatest of these is love. Love is patient and is kind; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, and endures all things…”

Stillwaters Colonial Residence offers a comprehensive range of support, including housing, healthcare, and occasional financial assistance, to cater to the evolving requirements of aging individuals within the community. Colonial Residence was founded as an independent non-profit foundation with the aim of enabling anyone in need of physical or medical assistance to remain within their community of loved ones, even in the event of financial limitations. Only those who have intentionally divested themselves of their resources, as per agreed terms, are exempt from this assistance. Our overarching goal is to provide a welcoming and dignified home where independence and dignity are cherished and safeguarded.

A Clear and Simple Mission… To Help Others.