Additional Services, Items, and Activities Not Covered in the Basic Services Rate Effective January 10, 2023


Residents are considered independent in all categories. The base apartment rental includes meals, housekeeping, bedding changes, activities, and daily safety check. A pendant enabling the resident to call for help in an emergency is provided.

Base Rent Only


Light Personal Care

Includes medication management, reminders to resident to shower and put on clean clothing. Resident will also recieve increased monitoring and supervision of daily activities.

*If it is agreed that medications may come from a mail-order pharmacy, there will be an additional monthly charge.




Bathing/Dressing Assistance

Includes medication management, increased monitoring, bathing assistance, as well as daily dressing assistance, Ted Hose, eye drops, and wheelchair or standby assist to meals and activities provided by care staff.

$ I,600/month


Most Intensive Level of Care

Includes medication management, reminders and increased monitoring, bathing and dressing assistance, specialized diet, insulin dependence, wound care, nebulizer, and toileting assistance and/or incontinence management. This level may also include one-person transfer assistance from chair to bed or toilet assistance, and wheelchair of standby assist to meals and activities. Residents on hospice will be placed at this level.


*** Staff time allotted for daily dressing assistance for Level 3 is 20 minutes for each morning and evening shift. On days a shower is included, that time increases to 30 minutes.

Any additional time spent for these activities will be billed at $10 for each 10-minute increment. This charge will be in addition to the monthly charge for that care level.