The Stillwaters Foundation

In response to the changing needs of the community and the residents of Stillwaters Estates retirement community, Dr. David and Diana Williams embarked on the construction of Stillwaters Colonial Residence Assisted Living Apartment Complex in 1994.

The primary goal of Colonial Residence is to offer housing, healthcare, and financial support to elderly individuals. The Williams made the decision to establish Colonial Residence as an independent, non-profit foundation to ensure that anyone requiring physical or medical assistance could remain within their community of loved ones, even if their financial means ran out. (Only those who have intentionally divested themselves of their resources are excluded from this assistance, as per agreement.)

Under the guidance of the Stillwaters Foundation Board of Directors, the Colonial Residence was able to commence offering assistance thanks to the 501(C)3 Charitable Status granted by the Internal Revenue Service in June 1994. This status allows donors to claim their contributions as a credit on their annual IRS report.

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Outdoor Garden Benches

Many outdoor garden benches have been donated in memory of loved ones and used by Colonial Residence as well as Stillwaters residents.

The Gazebo

The gazebo is an enjoyable outside witting area and was donated as a “Memorial Gift.”

Van Transportation

The Stillwaters Van is utilized often for activites and to help the residents get to their appointments.