Colonial Residence Assisted Living is a local family-owned non-profit facility. Our goal is to provide the best comfort, care, & safety for our residents.

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Phone: (360) 736-1551

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2700 Colonial Dr,
Centralia, WA 98531

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Monday-Friday, 9am – 4pm

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Background Check Authorization

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Required: Legal name as it is listed on your driver's license or government-issued photo identification (ID).
Alias Name
Other alias first, middle, and last names you have used.
I authorize BCCU to leave a detailed message.
By checking this box, I consent to and authorize BCCU to email my confidential and sensitive background check information, including a fingerprint rap sheet (if applicable), to the email address I have provided. By not checking this box, BCCU will use the mailing address provided to send me my background check information.
Have you lived in any state or country other than Washington state within the last three years (36 months)?
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Section 2. Self Disclosure

Self-disclosure questions for all convictions and pending charges from any state or jurisdiction. You must answer questions 11A through 14. Attach Page 2 if you have crimes or pending charges. See instructions.
11A. Have you been convicted of any crime? If Yes. complete Page 2, Section 3
11 B. Do you have charges (pending) against you for any crime? If Yes. complete Page 2, Section 4
Has a court or state agency ever issued you an order or other final notification stating that you have sexually abused, physically abused, neglected, abandoned, or exploited a child, juvenile, or vulnerable adult?
Has a government agency ever denied, terminated, or revoked your contract or license for failing to care for children, juveniles, or vulnerable adults; or have you ever given up your contract or license because a government agency was taking action against you for failing to care for children, juveniles, or vulnerable adults?
Has a court ever entered any of the following orders against you for abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment, domestic violence, exploitation, or financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult, juvenile, or child?.

Permanent vulnerable adult protection order/ restraining order, either active or expired .

Sexual assault protection order .

Permanent civil anti-harassment protection order, either active or expired .

Date / Time

I am the person named above. If I do not tell the whole truth on this form, I understand I can be charged with perjury, and I may not be allowed to work with vulnerable adults, juveniles, or children. I understand and agree my signature in the box below means:

- I give DSHS permission to check my background with any governmental entity and law enforcement agency.
- My background check result may include prior self-disclosure information and fingerprint results that are contained in the DSHS Background Check System, and that this information will be reported as allowed by federal or state law.
- If a final finding is identified, DSHS will report only my name and that a final finding was identified on the background check result.
- DSHS will give my background check result to the persons or entities requesting my background check, and those persons or entities may release my background check results to other persons or entities when the law authorizes or requires DSHS to do so. Fingerprint rap sheets are provided if allowed by federal or state law.